25 facts about Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche 1875-1951 g. The founder of the company Porsche. Founder of the most popular in the twentieth century cars “Volkswagen beetle”. One of the most famous automobile designers of modern times.

1 In 15 years, Ferdinand Porsche had made its own generator - and in the house of his parents began to Shine with electric bulbs. Prior to this electricity in the town of Maffersdorfwas only the mayor.

2 after Graduating from high school and vocational school, Ferdinand Porsche was employed as a disciple of the tinsmiths. This was in the year 1889. And the first employer Porsche was his own father. The second place of the legendary car constructor a little Vienna company for the production of electric motors. The student of the technical University of Ferdinand Porsche took over there... janitor.

3 In the family Porsche fed inexplicable tendency to Ferdinand. The son of a brilliant engineer Ferdinand Porsche also received the name of Ferdinand (ferry). However, the boy had inherited not only name, but and the talent of the father: the whole world knows the ferry as a nice designer. His son ferry also gave the name of Ferdinand, but not to get confused, the boy called Butz. But this is not all! Louise, daughter of Ferdinand Porsche-older sister and ferry Porsche, gave birth to a son, also named him Ferdinand. Fortunately, last name the baby inherited his father's - bad. However, this did not prevent him for many years chaired by concern ”Volkswagen”.

4 Talent in the family are clearly been passed down through the male line, and the first outstanding success Porsche reached at a young age. For example, the son of ferry Porsche, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, have created a unique immortal silhouette of a 911 in 24 years.

5 In 1900, Ferdinand, by the time an employee of a company Lohner , created an electric vehicle Lohner-Porsche. At the Paris motor show is a fantastic machine (electric motors were hiding in the hub of the front wheels) caused a furor and was recognized as the best car of the exhibition. the 25-year-old Ferdinand woke up famous.

6 In the same year 1900, Porsche has created the world's first all-electric car racing, and supplemented the electric motor gasoline. It was a hybrid, and also the first in the world! If to recall that the hybrids seem guests from the future even now, you can understand how a genius Porsche ahead of his time.

7 In 1906 thirty Ferdinand Porsche became the technical Director of the Austro-Daimler. Under his leadership the whole model range of Europe's largest companies on manufacture of cars. But the heart of Ferdinand belongs to the race cars - he releases them one after the other.

8 In 1910 in a race name of Prince Henry of Prussia racing machines, created by Porsche, did not leave opponents no chance: the Austro-Daimler takes the first three places. Behind the wheel of one of the cars himself Ferdinand. His younger mechanics is the name of Josip Broz Tito, and in 1943, he would become the General Secretary of the Communist party of Yugoslavia and the de facto ruler of this Republic.

9 In cars Porsche ignition keys are always on the left of the steering wheel. And all because Ferdinand Porsche loved to race! The famous race «24 hours of Le Mans» drivers had to run to their cars, jump on them and start a movement. At that time, which the driver ran to the car and moved, too absorbed. Porsche posted the ignition key is on the left, than to ensure a faster start, and became the leader of the race.

10 In 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche is leaving the company Daimler and decides to organize their work. on April 25 he opens his company. The name of the firm Ferdinand gave an unusually impressive: «the Design of and consultations on the development of engines and automotive industry». Customers immediately lined up in the queue, but Porsche finds the time and for its own development. Legendary torsion suspension of Porsche was created exactly in this company and in these years.

11 In 1934, the company Porsche has received from the German government order for the development of the national car. Already in 1935, Porsche introduced the first prototypes of “Volkswagen”, and work on them the engineer kept in his own garage.

12 the Famous ”Zhuki”, created by Ferdinand Porsche, originally called the KdF (Kraft durch Freude - “Strength through joy”). Each machine would cost a total of 990 brands. It was suggested that the German working, putting 5 brands monthly, after 3 years, 8 months and will be able to sit behind the wheel of their own “Volkswagen”. Probably, it would have been, but the rainbow plans prevented the Second world war.

13 for the First time the legendary Porsche 911 was introduced to the public in 1963 at the International motor show, but with a totally different number - 901. However, it turned out that the rights to three numbers with zero in the middle in the model name registered company Peugeot. The car was renamed and went down in history as the Porsche 911.

14 Logo Porsche appeared only in 1952. Ferry Porsche, arriving in new York, had dinner with max Hoffmann, the first importer of Porsche in America. Max Hoffmann said, why have all the famous brands of the world is a logo, logo or emblem. And the Porsche no! Ferry Porsche took a napkin and a couple of minutes drew something on it. And then he said: ”it Seems on the emblem?” On the napkin was вздыбленная a horse that knows now every customer of the world and which stands on any Pоrsche. In fact the legendary horse is a combination of early coat of arms of Wurttemberg (with this city was associated company) and the emblem of the city of Stuttgart (the horse, which had risen on its hind legs, seemed to ferry a suitable symbol for powerful vehicles of the company).

15 ferry Porsche once said: ”at First I was looking for and could not find the car of your dreams... So I decided to build it yourself.” The statement became the basis of the philosophy of the company and the essence of what it produces, - the legendary racing car amazing quality.

16 For 50 years, Porsche has won a world racing more than 28 000 victories in different categories! Such success can not boast of one automobile company in the world.

17 Porsche could work in the USSR! In 1932, Ferdinand Porsche was invited to the Soviet Russia and offered to take the post of General designer on cars, tanks and motor - and the unprecedented circumstances. The country's leadership promised that the direction for the activities of the designer will choose by himself. Ferdinand a special train on which he drove across the country to personally make sure of the scale of construction and industrialization. The only prerequisite was the relocation of families Porsche of Germany and the translation to Moscow all of the design Bureau. Ferdinand, who was almost 60 years old, thought and refused.

18 From 1969 to 1989, chief designer of the company Porsche was Anatoly Lapin, a Russian mother. Parents Lapin (his father was a German) emigrated from Riga in 1939 and went to Germany. In 1951, Lapin moved to USA, where he worked in the departments of the development of bodies of the largest automobile companies. In Porsche he was invited once the chief designer. And Lapin did not disappoint - created for the company's magic silhouettes 924-th, 928-th, and 944-th models.

19 In 1948 at the plant of Porsche for the light is born model 356 - and it is the first officially receives the name of Porsche. Just a month later the car took the first place in the race.

20 Most victories in races brought Porsche models, very close to the serial. Because almost all of the racing model - such as the 911 GT3, the Carrera GT is produced and in the production version. So, buying a Porsche, you literally buy a legend.

21 In 1953 at the Paris motor show was first shown Porsche 550 Spyder. Lightweight, small, maneuverable, equipped with a 4-stroke engine with the shaft, he became a celebrity almost instantly.

22 the Company Porsche has traditionally becomes the first in almost everything, including environmental protection and recycling of materials. Back in the 70-ies of XX century, ferry Porsche said: ”we should Not waste precious world's resources - to make use, they say, and threw it out... you Need to either increase the service life of machinery, or send materials for recycling, in order to use them again and again.” And already in 1973, the company released the first car with a body made of galvanized metal, clearly proving that the service life of the machine can be significantly extended. Since 1975, the technology of tin body began to be used in all Porsche cars. The automotive industry of the planet went the same way only a decade later.

23 In the creation of the masterpiece there are no trifles or compromises. The unique tone of motor Porsche, from which shrinks the heart of any car, is created in the research laboratory, where he worked as a special group, occupied by the perfect sound of Porsche. What we hear is from the sounds of individual components, each of which are configurable. To ensure the perfect sound Porsche, apply the latest technology. Among them - the acoustic camera that enables you to visualize the noise of the car and put it on the components.

24 In the company Porsche has always appreciated the innovative undertakings of staff - it is thanks to the engineering genius and the courage of the founder, Ferdinand Porsche, Porsche now glorified for the whole world. That's why the company not only encourage, but he was careful to protect the copyright and ideas. For all the history of the company Porsche has been filed and granted 3750 patent applications in the national and international level.

25 More than 2/3 of all manufactured earlier Porsche used till now. Except for this, you can at least add something? Legendary car of the legendary quality!

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